A downloadable game for Windows

Genre: Party Game

Status: Finished

Programmer(s): Nolan Roach

Engine: Unity 5

Platform(s): Windows

This project was actually the final project for a game design course here at IU. Pengoos is a 3D penguin sumo wrestling game based off a popular mini-game in one of my favorite childhood games: Crash Bash (or I think there's another mini-game like it in Mario Party). I created this with multi-player in mind, but only had time to implement local multi-player. It supports two usb controller inputs, or the keyboard works fine if you don't have any of those. I should mention the controls are: w, a, s, d and space for player one and up, down, left, right and right-enter for player 2 because it doesn't specifically say it in the game.


Penguin Brawl Game - Demo.zip 17 MB