A downloadable game for Windows and macOS

Genre: Text-based Adventure

Publisher: Hoosier Games


  • Nolan Roach
  • Jerrod Richards


  • Adam Christie
  • Angela Marchessault
  • Yazmeen Maduro

Writer(s): Lucia Schnetzer

Composer(s): Jerrod Richards

Engine: Unity 5

Platform(s): Microsoft Windows, OS X

This was the first group that I was a part of for Hoosier Games. The idea is that you are a robot diplomat sent to prevent war between humans and a cat-like alien race. My role in this project was to create the user interface and the text-parsing system. I stopped working on Diplomat in spring of 2015, due to my role being finished and future projects that I wanted to begin (mainly Row Runner). Diplomat is either completely finished or still in development. The most recent build can be found below.


Diplomat.zip 57 MB